Monday, October 19, 2009

Flamegrid browser firefighter game open beta v0.5

Today flamegrid - firefighter game finally hits open beta, so the public can now sign up easily. Thanks to all the closed beta testers we were able to improve the beta to a point where we are happy to let the public have a play.

Change list with this new v0.5 version:
*much faster turn timer (4 secs max turn time)
*new obstacles, trees, signs
*interface - you can change your turn target
*wider lag window for slow connections
*players can stand on retardant, so preventer class can protect players

Please provide as much feedback as you can, we need your help to improve this web game. Cheers, Mex

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flamegrid - latest closed beta release

flamegrid firefighter game The latest closed beta of flamegrid - firefighter game is ready for beta testing. I got some good feedback from beta testers and spent quite some time adding a power-up and "combo" hit system, to make the game more varied than just dousing a single piece of fire on the grid.

The idea of the combo hits system is that the game can be as challenging as the player wants it to be, if they try to link up power up attacks for the chance for more combo hits then they will be rewarded, but it's not needed to play casually.

Behold, the new 3d perspective, achieved with some pre CSS3 "transforms" to rotate the game grid and scale the y-axis down for an "isometric" 2.5d style display. To get this effect without having to create diamond shaped images, or use flash, is a real bonus. And the best thing is if the browser program doesn't support this then it will just leave the game map in a usable flat 2d format. I saw this particular technique in use on a few blogs but not in a map tiling context like this, but I bet there's a quite a few game projects in development that already use this technique.

Remember flamegrid is still in closed beta now, so if you are interested in the game please email me. Otherwise the open beta will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Announcing flamegrid firefighter game - casual online browser game

flamegrid firefighter gameAfter nearly two years of after-hours tinkering, including a re-write or two, it's finally launched, flamegrid - firefighter game, now in private closed beta for my invited guests.

Open public beta will be soon, email flamegrid-beta at if you want to be notified by email.

What is it? Well it's a simple casual online browser game featuring a full text chat system, and a simple interface. Chat with all the other players in real-time, and learn team strategies as you all co-operate together to stop the fire. Focused on co-operation against a single common enemy fire rather than player vs player, flamegrid is mostly non-competitive and non-violent, and play focuses on social and strategic team player skills.

Developed with javascript (AJAX), there are no downloads or browser plugins required to play, just a MODERN internet browser (not Internet Explorer 6, released 2001, more info).

flamegrid firefighter game(early beta screenshot)

My aim is to create a basic casual multiplayer game that people can play, on any computer, wherever they may be, such as at home before work, on lunch breaks (check with your boss), in burger joint at night, or an internet cafe in Norway.

Notes for private beta testers:

Thanks for checking this out :) Please go nuts on the game, like all multiplayer games it's boring with less players, so hook up with other beta testers. Email all suggestions and feedback to flamegrid at

IE7 will work, IE6 is not supported, too old. I recommend Firefox, Apple Safari or Google Chrome for best experience.

If you get lots of lag warnings: I need a low latency connection, and a CPU that isn't too busy, so try closing a few programs, if you are on IE7 try another browser. If you live in Australia like me we are 200ms from the server in the USA, that will probably cause a few lag messages. If you live in Siberia move closer to the Internet.

I've tried to test with lots of different browsers and computers but there will be bugs, don't panic, if it breaks completely try re-loading the browser and logging in again, otherwise give up and email me.

There is currently only 16 players allowed per arena, and for closed beta there is 1 testing arena. I doubt 16 beta testers will log in at once but otherwise you'll have to come back later, sorry I'm on a cheap hosting plan for beta :)

Programmer and hacker friends, yes I know you can drive a bus through the client's turn validation but this is a proof of concept beta, don't hack that to cheat in the game, I will patch it before open beta.

Thanks for reading this monster post.