Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giving your baby a name

Trying to think of a name for your after hours web project business can be tricky. I was looking for something memorable, short, semi-meaningful, catchy, and with an available .com domain.

I was hoping that a mix of inspiration from and the web 2.0 aplication name generator on dot-o-mator would get me over the line.

But then all my progress was lost, when "graspability" came from out of nowhere while listening to mp3s on the train, and was actually available, unlike all my other ideas. Never mind, my wife and I now have "Benster" and "Emasphere" for when we finally pop a kid :D

So what's this tech moonlighting business going to support? Well I've already got a couple of live web projects to bring under this umbrella, including a language learning site. I also have an AJAX multiplayer web browser game near public beta, with an iPhone client, so it felt like time to get structured about my projects.

This site will hold product information, as well as musings on current development designs, solutions and frustrations.

Hope it's semi useful to someone out there, especially when I find solutions to tricky development and infrustructure problems where I couldn't find much help through google.

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