Sunday, July 19, 2009

Flamegrid - latest closed beta release

flamegrid firefighter game The latest closed beta of flamegrid - firefighter game is ready for beta testing. I got some good feedback from beta testers and spent quite some time adding a power-up and "combo" hit system, to make the game more varied than just dousing a single piece of fire on the grid.

The idea of the combo hits system is that the game can be as challenging as the player wants it to be, if they try to link up power up attacks for the chance for more combo hits then they will be rewarded, but it's not needed to play casually.

Behold, the new 3d perspective, achieved with some pre CSS3 "transforms" to rotate the game grid and scale the y-axis down for an "isometric" 2.5d style display. To get this effect without having to create diamond shaped images, or use flash, is a real bonus. And the best thing is if the browser program doesn't support this then it will just leave the game map in a usable flat 2d format. I saw this particular technique in use on a few blogs but not in a map tiling context like this, but I bet there's a quite a few game projects in development that already use this technique.

Remember flamegrid is still in closed beta now, so if you are interested in the game please email me. Otherwise the open beta will be coming soon, so stay tuned.

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